Side Effects Of Home Cluttering You Can’t See

An image of a bedroom filled with clutter. You can see various pieces of furniture, clothing, and trash littered amongst the clutter.

The health of your home is paramount in more ways than you might think. The negative effects of a cluttered home are obvious: becoming breeding grounds for mold, mildew and pests are just some of the issues that can arise when you don’t tidy up. However, there are plenty of side effects that over-cluttering can cause that you won’t be able to see. It revolves a lot around your mental and physical health. We show you how a cluttered home can leave lasting damage below!

Clutter Reduces Order

Did you know that the clutter in your home can actually affect how you think? It’s true: our brains have a natural tendency to like order. We tend to like things to be organized and fluid. When clutter builds up around your home, it creates a sense of disorganization in our minds. It limits our ability to focus on tasks and can even affect our memories! Too much clutter can have devastating effects on your cognitive functions and affect your ability to stay focused. By getting rid of it, you aren’t carrying around that anchor.

Clutter Makes You Isolate

If you’ve ever heard of the show “Hoarders”, you’ll likely have experience knowing what too much clutter can do to a person’s health. Regardless of whether or not we want to admit it, appearance is a crucial factor in our minds. You’ll want to show off your best looks for your friends and family, and a home wrecked with clutter is the exact opposite of that. This can lead you to isolate yourself from them. It not only damages your mental health, but it could jeopardize your relationships with your loved ones as well.

Clutter Affects Your Physical Health

Clutter can affect your physical health in ways you may not realize. The buildup of dust that occurs as a result can lead to serious respiratory issues. This is especially true if you’re allergic to it! It can also cause you to gain weight. The stress and overwhelming feelings that clutter produces can lead to you binging on more snack food. Instead of picking an apple, you could go for a chocolate bar instead. The order that a lack of clutter brings does wonders to reduce this habit.

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