How To Prevent Cluttering In Your Home

A close up of a garage filled to the brim with clutter, including boxes, pipes and old clothing.

There’s a reason that the saying “a man’s home is his castle” is such a widespread phrase! Your home should be an extension of yourself. Just as it’s important to practice self-care and cater to your own needs, you should also be taking some time to care for your home. Over cluttered rooms can lead to a host of problems throughout your household, including pest infestations, mold and mildew buildup, and safety hazards for those inside. Preventing clutter from stacking is the best way of ensuring that these problems don’t arise. We give you some helpful tips for preventing home clutter below!

Designate Homes For Items

One of the biggest issues that leads to cluttering in the home is a lack of organization of the items inside. If you think that your home might fall into this category, ask yourself a few questions:


  • What do I do with mail after it’s been opened?
  • Do I put items back where I found them after taking them from their original spot?
  • Do I have a hamper for dirty clothes and places to put my clean ones?


The more you ask yourself questions like this, the more you can find out about your ability to prevent clutter. Stopping a build up requires attention to detail for the little things around your home. While they may seem small, they can quickly add up! If you’ve found that you’ve answered unfavorably to these questions, it may be time to designate a home for the items in your home. As long as you don’t deviate from the path, you’ll be less likely to accumulate clutter.

Keep A Donation Box Handy

It’s one thing to keep track of the items that you absolutely need in your household, but what about the things that you don’t need? You shouldn’t be throwing these things into a room that you don’t use, as that’s the fastest way to build up clutter. Instead, why not donate the items you aren’t using? Keep a donation box in your home and fill it with the things you don’t need. Once it’s full, there are plenty of organizations out there that would be willing to take the items off of your hands. If you don’t need it, getting rid of it will help to prevent your home from accumulating clutter.

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