Water Heater Removal & Disposal Services in New Hampshire

Especially for a homeowner in a colder state like New Hampshire, having a water heater installed is paramount! Ease of access to warm water helps with a ton of everyday tasks throughout the house.

Hand attaches hose to an old water heater

However, just like most household appliances and systems, water heaters don’t last forever. There comes a time when their effectiveness is too little to warrant keeping them around – not to mention that they

 could cost you more money the older they get! Replacing your water heater with a more modern model is a great way to ensure that you still get the best from your warm water, but it leaves a burning

 question: What do you do with the older model? Removing it yourself can be incredibly dangerous and a serious chore, but there’s a solution that can eliminate both issues. When you work with the junk

 removal professionals at Trash Bandits, your old water heater will be a distant memory in a short window of time!

How Do I Know When To Dispose Of A Water Heater?

As is the case with many household appliances, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the symptoms of a water heater past its prime. Especially since your water heater is likely tucked off in a corner of your home, the most telling signs may not be the easiest to spot! We’ll save you the guesswork of trying to diagnose a problem – if you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it may be time to upgrade your water heater and get the old one professionally removed.


  • Consider Its Lifespan: You should have a good idea as to when your water heater was installed! Looking at the industry averages for its lifespan should be a good indicator of how much time your unit has left. Water heaters generally last from 6-12 years on average – if yours is within that window, you may need to think about disposing of it!
  • Discolored Hot Water: Your hot water and cold water should be indiscernible from each other in terms of color. Healthy water heaters should have clear hot water. Your unit could be compromised if that color changes to a reddish-brown! It’s usually a sign of rust infiltrating your unit, which is one of the most telling signs that your unit needs to go.
  • Lack Of Warm Water: Usually, a lack of warm water in your heater is something that can be repaired. However, when it becomes a repeated problem even after getting professional repairs, it’s likely a sign that your water heater’s effectiveness has run out. 

If your water heater shows any of these signs, don’t make your everyday tasks harder. Once you’ve secured your upgrade, contact Trash Bandits to dispose of the old unit easily!

Why Choose Trash Bandits For New Hampshire Water Heater Removal Work?

When something as sensitive as a water heater needs to be disposed of, you should take precautions as to who you hire. You don’t want your old unit to leave a negative impact on the environment, and the professionals you work with should be both speedy and careful to ensure your space isn’t damaged. Trash Bandits Junk Removal uses only eco-friendly disposal methods to ensure that your old water heater never makes an impact. On top of that, we’re extremely prompt; we can have your old water heater removed in a very short period of time! If you need your old water heater removed in New Hampshire, click here to contact us directly!