About Our Junk Removal Business in Southern NH – Our Story

Our story began when I met my wife at 18 years old, and together, our dream for entrepreneurship and helping other people with their problems grew stronger. We always wanted to create a business in New Hampshire.

I called my wife at work and said, “Honey, we are starting a Junk Hauling and Junk Removal business!”

She replied, “Let’s do it.” This was the moment Trash Bandits Junk Removal was born (and boy are we happy it was born.)

At the age of 26, Trash Bandits is not only my most significant achievement, but fundamentally, this business is an extension of who I am.

I have built this business on ethics, values, professionalism, and respect for others. It is more than just a company; we are creating a new culture.

Our Story here at Trash Bandits Junk Removal started when we were putting our house on the market. De-cluttering and getting rid of items, making dump runs, dealing with different fees just became to much of a hassle. The feeling of finally being de-cluttered and having open space was a relief! There was a wonderful feeling when the process was complete, and we knew their had to be an easier way for people to declutter their property.

As we de-cluttered our home, we had come to a realization that many people were in need of our old furniture and appliances. My wife and I loved the feeling of helping people out and giving back. We knew this is what we wanted to do when we donated our furniture to someone in need.

Becoming young entrepreneurs, we’ve always had a passion for owning our own business. We knew one day we will build our empire. As a young couple we have put every ounce of energy, determination and will power into running this business. We truly admire and are very thankful for all of customers who have supported us this far. We will continue to serve you all as best as we can! This is just the beginning of our story. We are here to change how New Hampshire Residents deal with decluttering their properties, removing junk, all in a Earth friendly manner. Join us on the journey!

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