How To Safely Dispose of Appliances

Two men in red shirts and black overalls tilt a white washing machine on its side to get it out of a room. The room has white wallpaper and kitchen appliances can be seen in the background.

Eco-friendly junk removal is by far the safest method of disposing of unwanted items. If you can name a type of junk or garbage item, there’s a good chance that improper disposal could be hazardous for the environment around it! Some of the most dangerous items to dispose of improperly are your common household appliances. These are a lot more risky for the environment than you might think. So, how can you dispose of them in a way that won’t be harmful? We give you the best tips for doing so below!

Contact Your Local Charities

When people upgrade their household appliances, they’ll usually leave the old ones out by the curb. Sure, that appliance may not be useful to them anymore, but what about other people who could use it? One of the best ways to ensure continued use of your items is donating them to a reputable charity. They’ll be able to take your old appliances and give them to people who need them, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. You don’t need to worry about environmental impact if you aren’t throwing your appliances away!

Watch For Refrigerants

Did you know that a lot of household appliances are equipped with a cooling agent to keep them from overheating? The most common of these agents is Freon, which can be incredibly hazardous for the ozone layer if it were to get out. The other refrigerants aren’t safe, either! For this purpose, you’ll need to bring your household appliances to someone who knows how to dispose of these agents. Those who regularly work with these refrigerants always use the best practices for disposal of them, ensuring that these agents don’t infiltrate the ecosystem.

Use An Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company

Speaking of people and companies that know how to dispose of cooling agents, eco-friendly junk removal companies are a fantastic example! They know the best practices and procedures for recycling your old household appliances, meaning that you won’t have to worry about junk in the wrong place. They’re also specially trained in lifting heavy items, eliminating your risk for injury and getting the unwanted items off quickly.

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