How To Check The Legitimacy Of A Junk Removal Company

A closeup of several tan, old couches next to a sidewalk.

Clutter and unwanted items in your home aren’t things that you’ll want to keep around for very long! The obvious choice to deal with these nuisances is to hire the services of a professional junk removal company. However, you shouldn’t hire just anyone! Hiring the wrong junk removal company could lead to poor efforts that don’t successfully get rid of the problem. In order to ensure you’re getting the best quality of service, there are a few background checks you can run to check the legitimacy of a junk removal company. We break down what you should do before you call below!

Look At The Word of Mouth

Any junk removal company can claim that they have the best services out there. Only the best junk removal companies will go out of their way to prove their pedigree. The best way to gauge if a junk removal company is worth its salt is by looking at the reviews for the company. Take a look at all the reviews to gauge the consensus of what people think of their services. A good junk removal company will have many positive reviews that are detailed in its description of the company. If you don’t see this, maybe it’s time to find another service!

Examine Their Past Works

In some industries, making the decision to hire a company is a leap of faith. There won’t be a ton of visual evidence to go off of! Junk removal companies don’t have this problem, however. Reliable and reputable junk removal companies will have photos of their past work readily available to view on their website. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to request their services by looking through their gallery and judging the quality of each photo. If you see a noticeable difference in their before photos versus when they’ve finished, it’s a good sign!

Ask Questions

Covering your bases is an important part of ensuring that you’re getting the best junk removal services out there. Below are some important questions you should ask a junk removal company before you make the decision to hire them:


  • What things can you pick up? 
  • What things are off-limits?
  • Is your service eco-friendly?
  • How do you determine your prices?
  • Do I have to be present for the job?

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