How Abandoned Boats Hurt The Environment

Two old, abandoned fishing boats sit in the middle of a densly wooded area. You can see green leaves on the trees and the dirt around the boats.

When it comes to big environmental issues, junk removal plays a pivotal role. Junk removal can contribute to issues like landfills, climate change, mining new metals, and even the destruction of our ozone layer! There aren’t many abandoned items that don’t pose a threat to the environment. Boats certainly aren’t an exception to this! Boats can be incredibly harmful for the environment for a variety of reasons. We’ll show you the significant impact that abandoned boats can make here below!

Boat Fuel

Boat fuel can be toxic for the environment regardless of the place where the boat was abandoned. If the boat was abandoned in the water, boat fuel can leak out from it and pollute the water around it, giving it a much higher toxicity level. It limits the growth of underwater plants and is especially harmful to smaller organisms like plankton and smaller fish. If this fuel leaks on land, it could pollute the soil, grass and trees around it and cause significant damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

It Can Become A Source of Marine Debris

Do you ever wonder what happens to the boats and planes that sink over our oceans? Their remains sink to the bottom of their respective body of water and rust out over time. The initial impact can be devastating to the life around it, potentially killing any ecosystem that forms around it. Restoring these ecosystems isn’t easy, and will often require large amounts of human assistance. Abandoned boats can permanently alter the topography of the landscape to force these changes.

It Can Cause Storm Damage

Especially around coastal climates, abandoning your boat on land can be extremely dangerous. Coastal areas are much more subject to hurricanes and other severe storms, which have the potential to whip up winds that could carry your boat away! Once your boat is airborne, destruction to the immediate area is almost impossible to avoid. Like it does with the bottom of a body of water, abandoned boats can ruin the topography of an area beyond repair.

Boat Removal with Trash Bandits Junk Removal

While all of these problems are serious issues, there is a pretty easy way to avoid them. Trash Bandits Junk Removal offers boat removal services across New Hampshire. We can get your abandoned boat off of your hands in as quickly as an afternoon, and we’ll make sure that everything is either recycled or donated to minimize environmental impact. If you have a boat you need removed from your property (or any unwanted items), click here to contact us directly!