Is Basement Cleaning Necessary?

Spring cleaning is not a new concept for homeowners. Using the warm weather and extra sunshine as motivation to give your home a deep clean is a great way to give your home a fresh start for the rest of the year. Before any spring cleaning begins, you should sit down and make a to-do list to make sure everything gets cleaned that really needs it. One of the most commonly overlooked areas of the home, that’s also one of the dirtiest, is your basement. Cleaning your basement is an essential part of good spring cleaning, so let’s discuss some of the best ways to get the job done! 

Removing Clutter

Before you can clean the actual structure of the basement, you need to get everything out of your way. Move anything that isn’t screwed into the wall or connected to the floor to your driveway or garage. Moving items outside is ideal in case there are any pests hiding with your belongings. This also gives you the opportunity to go through what you have and organize it accordingly. Some things may be ready to get donated or sold, while others will go back in the basement once it’s fully cleaned. 

Gather the Supplies

Heavy duty supplies are required if you want to get your basement cleaner than it’s been in a while. Some of the best supplies you should bring along for the job include: 

  • Push broom
  • Mop and bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Shop-vac or another heavy-duty vacuum 

Cleaning Efficiently 

You can’t just jump into the cleaning process in whatever order you’d like and expect a good result! Instead, start by using your shop-vac to clean the corners, crumbling pieces of drywall and foundation, and areas around drain pipes that a broom won’t reach. Any cracks in the walls or floor will need to be vacuumed out too, since they provide a convenient place for dirt and dust to settle. Next, use a towel and scrub brush to clean the walls with warm water and all-purpose cleaner. Finally, sweep and mop the floors of the basement. Once everything has dried, you can put your belongings that you intend to keep back in the basement and organize them for easy access in the future. 

Basement Cleaning With Trash Bandits

Cleaning out your basement will be a big job that requires at least one full day of your time. Trash Bandits Junk Removal can help with the process! Our team is highly experienced in both basement and attic cleanouts. From moving your items to scrubbing the floors, and even taking some of your old belongings to be recycled, we can do it all! We are located in the New Hampshire area, and we believe everyone should get to enjoy a home that’s truly clean from top to bottom. Contact Trash Bandits Junk Removal today to schedule a consultation and learn more about available services!