Hidden Dangers of Old Furniture

A stack of old sofa chairs, plastic chairs, and other furniture sits in a backyard.

Buying a piece of furniture is a pretty significant investment. After all, you’re putting a lot of money into something that you should expect to last for years! However, all furniture has an expiration date of sorts. The older your home’s furniture gets, the greater danger that it can pose to the whole house! There are plenty of hidden dangers that come with having old furniture that you might not be aware of. We’ll identify some of these lingering problems that can arise from old furniture below!

Old Couches and Dust

A feature of couches that was introduced in the 1970s can lead to a substantial issue to address down the road! Couches have long been required to be flame-retardant before going on the market in an effort to curb the amount of house fires that were happening at the time. The upholstery of the couches contains chemicals that are designed to combat flames. You won’t have to worry about this affecting your health until the couches get older. As these couches age, they shed their dust along the floor around them – which also includes the dangerous chemicals! Replacing the upholstery or the couch in general after a long period of time will help to negate the effects.

Structural Problems

As furniture ages and repeatedly gets used, structural problems begin to develop within it. Most of the time, you wouldn’t have to worry about these issues. However, once they get particularly old, the risk of injury to yourself dramatically increases. Cracks and defects within the structure of old tables and chairs could lead to the structure giving way, which could cause you to bruise or cut yourself. You should always be checking your furniture for structural defects and replacing those that look severe.

Mold and Mildew Buildup

Do you live in an area or have your furniture in a room that gets a lot of humidity? It might be wise to estimate the lifespan of your furniture lower rather than higher! Furniture in high humidity environments tends to build up mold and mildew much faster, and this process is even further sped up by the furniture being older. Take a moment to think about the environment you live in and how old your furniture is. If you don’t like the outlook, don’t hesitate to dump your furniture!

Furniture Removal With Trash Bandits

There’s another hazard of furniture that we haven’t mentioned! Lifting furniture by yourself can be risky, potentially leading to muscle spasms and tears that can easily be avoided. Trust the professionals at Trash Bandits Junk Removal instead! Our team is specially trained in lifting heavy furniture and appliances, eliminating the risk to you and your home. If you have old furniture you need removed, contact us today and get it out of your hair!